Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Call!

The Call
April 1, 2010 @ 11:30 a.m. as soon as the mail came we quickly got all the phones together that we had and quickly started to dial up our children so they could be part of the grand opening of where we would spend the upcoming 18 months! This was an exciting day. Ben and I taught seminary that morning and after we got home I didn't think time could tick by so slowly. Finally, the mail came and yes, there it was....the big white envelope.....addressed to Elder Ben Russell Hatch and Sister Dixie Jolene Hatch. I couldn't believe I was holding this envelope and then I had to wait to open it. Ben kindly waited and I secretly thought we could peek and then act surprised when Boston and Heber came over later. I decided to heed Ben's advice and we did wait. I tried to stay busy with laundry and things like that. Paula Savage, Thane Savage, Stephen Elsbury, Kathy Elsbury, Eliza & Hannah Elsbury, Boston, Heber, Russell, Davy, & June were all there for the Grand Opening....also on the phones were Echo & Marc Allred family (Hawaii), Trevor & Megan Hatch (Provo), Matthew Hatch (Provo), & Reilly Hatch (Annapolis, MD)!! The moment arrived and Ben opened it and I got to read it! It was a great feeling reading the words of the letter from the Prophet who has called us to serve in the Lord's vineyard....we were called to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa Mission. We are to arrive at the Provo MTC September 6, 2010! Screaming and tons of questions and thoughts ran through my head, wow, this is far away...maybe I better get a map and check it out! Ben and I smiled and were so excited. A few tears were shed as Ben finished reading our assignment to be representatives of the Lord. Tears of joy and tears of happiness to serve. We desire to work really hard and do all that is asked of us to do.


Matthew Hatch said...

First ones to comment EVER on this blog! :) We are so excited for the two of you. We'll sure miss you around here but we know that you'll make great missionaries. Thanks for all you do for us. WE LOVE YOU! <3 Matt and Aubrey

echo said...

i know you guys are doing the right thing. you will be great missionaries! we love you and support you in all you do. you rock!