Monday, September 13, 2010


This week I learned how important it is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We were in a working Heaven on Earth! Truly we were. A piece of my heart is there and I will always cherish every moment there. My testimony was strengthen and my desire to serve increased. I learned more about faith, cuz I need it more than I have used it. Here are a few pics of Ben and I and of Elder Reilly Hatch and the married sons and their beautiful wives. Sorry, Boston and Echo I wish you could have hung out in Provo for those 2 weeks! I miss you and love you both. I need my two best friends!!!!

Where's Elder Hatch's bike? Ben really liked hanging out here in the courtyard and studying. I liked it cuz there was sunshine. Too much air conditioning inside, I was freezing.
Here we are with young Elder Hatch and his companion Elder Bills.
We got to eat a Sunday Picnic with the married ones!!!! Those are my walking shoes. I did a lot of walking and Sunday shoes aren't adequate for climbing Provo Temple hill.


AnnDeO said...

How are you? Where are you? I want to know about your experience. Be safe and know that I am thinking of you all the time. Bon Jour!

Megan Hatch said...

We are just thinking about you guys and how much we love you!