Saturday, October 16, 2010

Very Random Pictures

This picture is from our rooftop where Elder Hatch and I run. It is kind of far away, but it is a picture of a man pushing a "puuss puuss" fully loaded. They are everywhere and they are filled to the brim with Anything You Can Imagine!! If you make the picture bigger you can see others carrying things on their heads. They put everything on their heads!! Heavy things especially!!
Clothes out drying for the people that we pass by everyday who live on the streets! They hand wash in buckets right there. I have to sneak these pictures, they don't like you to take pictures here of the streets.
Here are the cute Elders that serve in our ward. Right behind them will be the Temple some day!

1 comment:

brandonandlexee said...

those missionaries are so cute! they look like they're a whole lotta fun...I'd listen to them:)