Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sister's Conference

Last Wednesday, was the DRCongo Mission Sister's Conference.
What's a Sister's Conference you say....well, let me tell you. It's when all the Sister Missionaries serving here in the DRCongo Mission get together and scream, and giggle, and talk, and giggle some more, all together, ALL DAY! It's a wonderful day filled with good food, by the grand chef herself, Sister Pam Headlee, she is the CEO of lots of good food and fun filled times! She also spoke to them on their responsibilities as Latter Day Saint Women in the Church here in the Congo. They are the future leaders and Mothers here in the Church.
Sister Headlee and I made these awesome aprons, each of the girls modeled them with kitchen utensils and funny poses. They even put them on their heads and carried them around...I am so sad I didn't get that picture, they were so funny. I can't believe how they can balance anything on their heads!! Light and heavy, awkward and amazing things. They can handle any weight barring objects on their heads.
Here is a picture of all of us. 22 Sister Missionaries and 4 Old Sister Missionaries. Can you find us??


Trevor said...

Cool Mom, It looks like you had a lot of fun that day! We missed you at the Olsen/Hatch get together but we all know you are where you are supose to be.
Love you

Matthew Hatch said...

Looks like FUN! What a great blog! The sisters look so happy. Nice aprons. We are glad to see all those smiling faces...I can't help but smile myself.

Matthew Hatch said...

Oh, looking at the last picture I can't help but think that mom looks like Maria Von Trapp...before she's von trapp...from the sound of music. Julie Andrews. That's a good thing, mom. We miss you guys! love you guys!

Henke Family said...

LOVE the aprons!

AnnDeO said...

Such pretty, pretty ladies - and that includes you sister Hatch.