Sunday, May 29, 2011


Who needs a shoe shine kit when you can get it done for twenty cents? This little boy was awesome. He used a little paint brush and a sponge and made Elder Hatch's shoes look ready to dance with Fred Astaire.
Russell and Davy...this is a really good business, you might want to think about it for your mission fund.
He works fast and knows what he's doing, but produces a great shine.
Elder Hatch would like to hire this boy to mow lawns too!
President Headlee and Elder Hatch with shiny shoes!! Sister Headlee too, but her shoes couldn't be shined.
Elder Hatch is a happy missionary.
We are at Masina Community Building waiting for a wedding that I will post next time I blog.


Matthew Hatch said...

Wow, that looks fun. Dad looks happy happy and Shiny shiny.

Henke Family said...

Shoe shine! I didn't even know that existed anymore.....I am glad they still shine their shoes in the Congo!
That boy is sure cute!

echo said...

i didn't even know that people shined shoes anymore. it seems a lost art.
good job congo for keeping up a tradition.