Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saying Goodbye

It's always hard to say goodbye to Elders and Sisters who have made such a difference in our life. These two are Elder Mutombo and Elder Yangoie. One day we hope to be as good as them. They are a bright shining beam here in the Congo. These two were the perfect example of obedient missionaries.
Here they go...away in the van then to the airport to the other side of the Congo!!
Later that night we ate out. Whoo hooo! President Jameson and his wife on the end by Elder Hatch and Elder and Sister Howell on my end of the table. Notice our plates, we licked them clean, yum yum! We love Greek food. I was cold so I put on an extra t-shirt to stay warm. I know we are in the Congo and it is warm, but do you see that air conditioner in the corner....well that's why.

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Aubrey Hatch said...

I guess I've never pictured restaurants there in the Congo! What are they like? Looks like fun, and what an awesome group of Elders.