Saturday, November 19, 2011

Elections=Food Storage

This is Elder Hatch scooping up beans to be put in the missionaries food storage in preparation of the elections coming up here in Kinshasa. Things could get a little hairy around here and everything shuts down, so we prepared bags of food for the missionaries apartments.
We are almost done! Rice and beans....yum yum!
I just like this rooster. We pass by it everyday and I kind of thought it would make a great stenciled t-shirt. I was driving by so it is not that good of a picture.


Trevor said...

We love you Mom and dad and hope that you will be safe over there.

echo said...

i love that rooster.

Henke Family said...

yes, that is a cool rooster.
and yes, like Trev said, be safe over there and our prayers are with you! We love you!!!!