Monday, August 30, 2010

Saying Goodbye

I loaded these pictures backwards....I am still learning how to blog!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 I said goodbye to my trusting awesome running companion and truly a best friend. Bruce and I went on a wonderful 6 mile "in the hills" run. He was a champ. I had a good talk with him at about mile 3, I don't know if he understood me....I shed tears...this was really hard. I found a wonderful couple to adopt Bruce, Bill his new owner is going to take him to work with him everyday and they go walking every day after work and they hike quite often on the weekends. Finding Bruce was an answer to his prayers and finding them was an answer to my prayers. I really wanted to find Bruce a home where he could be "King" and it happened. Thanks Julie Putman! Bruce's new family has now named Bruce, "Bruce Almighty" I agree!
Oh, after our awesome run, I took Bruce on his last Trekker ride. Bruce loves the Trekker. I also picked up June and she joined us with smiles!! I will stop writing because tears are running down my cheek and I need to get packed I only have a few days left!


Toni said...

Ok, Dixie, this post totally made me cry. I have a dog, Lilly, that I run with everyday and she is my best friend too. Good luck on your mission! You and Ben will be great missionaries!

Matthew Hatch said...

Aww, Bruce! :( What a good dog.