Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Are Missionaries Now!

Well, we got set apart to be full time missionaries last night 9/1/10. Pretty sweet. President LeRoy Dugger gave both of us a lovely blessing. The spirit was strong and I am so thankful for a kind and caring Stake President. Ben and I will be safe and watched over.
President Beavers, President Dugger and the new couple missionary!
Harley, Mary, Dixie, Ben, Boston, Heber, Davy and June. (Russell was home very sick)

Paula Savage and Thane came and supported us! Thank You! They are very good friends. Thane will soon be out serving in just a few months, until then he will be running our business till Trevor comes. Thank you are Awesome!! Oh, Happy Birthday!


echo said...

its official. you guys look great.

Henke Family said...

We are going to miss you mom and dad! I am so glad I got to be there for the blessings. I just wish I could have written it all down. It was so wonderful!
Don't worry about a thing here....we will take care of everything!