Sunday, November 7, 2010


The 1st week we had 41 student, 2nd week we had 61 and last week we had 80!!

We are singing "Amazing Grace" Yes, be jealous! While they sing it rings happiness in my ears. Singing is my favorite time in English! They sing out and they sing good!

They all want to learn English so badly. The are on the edge of their chairs trying their hardest. It is very rewarding to have this opportunity. They love worksheets...anything they can read they ask for it! As you can see, we have many ages. They all want to better their lives. I love this class! They are so thankful, for their "free English class"!


Trevor said...

You guys make great teachers! I loved teaching English in the Czech. You guys always get better turn out than I had. Hey, I missed your skype the other day. Sorry I am always working or at school and don't get to talk very long. Love you!

Henke Family said...

that is so cool! What a neat ting you all are sharing! you learn from them, they learn from you.

Matthew Hatch said...

We loved hearing about your English class! It's awesome to see pictures of them- it makes it so real. How exciting, we are happy for all of you and wish you the best.