Wednesday, December 8, 2010

City of Hope/ COOL CLEAR WATER!!

This is the first Humanitarian Aid Water Project Closing Ceremony that Elder Hatch and I got to visit. This city is called the City of Hope. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has helped many, many people by providing water here in the Congo by the donations from people from all over the world. Thank you for donating, I have since been to 3 more area's where we have been privileged to see many people receive CLEAN WATER!!
I think this is one of my favorite pictures I took at the City of Hope. Isn't she beautiful!! The children just loved coming up to us, they loved to see their pictures on my camera. I wonder if they get to see themselves, I have not seen any mirrors.
Ben is pumping the water!
I loved this sign they put up for the "Committee Dynamic" it is for the action committee for the whole village.
A cute boy.
Some of these kids wanted money because I took their picture. Where did they learn that?
Sweet big sister.
This man owns the company that drills the wells. He is wonderful and gave the Church much praise and recognition for their efforts in bringing water into many small villages. This is Sister and Elder Moody the Humanitarian Aid Couple.
They are wanting the cookies we have in our car that we need for the policemen when we get back on the road. We gave them cookies!!
These tarps were donated by the Church many years ago so this village could have homes.

Oh happy day WATER!!
Ben joined in on partaking of this glorious water!

This picture is before they cut the ribbon.
The ceremony has begun!

This is the Stake President Lono. He is a wonderful man.

They prepared the area to look so nice and clean.
Upscale housing in the City of Hope.
The Church also donated the funds to make these latrines. Come on in....
First pull up the lid and place your feet on the marks and let it go!
Don't forget to wash your hands!
I think June and this little girl might get along. She was hanging with all the big kids.
Cute hair!
"I like you white people, but I am kind of scared of you!"

Cute kids!

Au Revoir
We are sad to leave these people. The City of Hope was an awesome experience that we were able to be a part of. We shall never forget it!


echo said...

wow. it is so cool that the church does so much for those who have so little.
i can't believe the homes they live in.

Sherilyn said...

Thank you for posting all the photos and bits of your experiences, Sister Hatch! I really appreciate any glimpse I can get into life in the DRC. I especially value learning about the people and the positive things that can and do happen in such a difficult part of our world.

I am still on track to travel end of Feb, first part of March. I will keep you posted.

Matthew Hatch said...

That is amazing. Those people are so beautiful! :] I can hardly imagine their joy. Bless all of you. <3 Aubrey
P.S. Our home is a mansion.

AnnDeO said...
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AnnDeO said...

Can I please spend the day (or more) with the little girl in the pink hat? She has my heart. My mind can hardly fathom that clean water is not a "right" of all of us living on this earth. So nice.