Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mpasa Water Project

These pictures are uploaded randomly, I forget you need to put the first pictures last and the last pictures first. Hey, I have heard that before. It reminds me of these wonderful people here in the Congo, I assure you, they may be the last to have modern conveniences and the last to have an education, and some of the last to receive the Gospel, but they will be the first! I have a testimony of that. They are humble, and thankful and their eyes light up as you speak to them. I know the Lord is very aware of them! I have enjoyed these celebrations, because it truly is a celebration for this community and the many, many communities Humanitarian Aid has helped!

While we were there they always have one of the government officials (like a Mayor), speak and he spoke very highly of our Church and what we are trying to do to help! He went to leave in his car, which looks just like most of the cars here, a bit broken down, and he had a flat tire. Everybody rolled up their sleeves and went to work, of course there was no jack. yes, enough men equal a jack, and no spare. As we left we carried a tire and an extra person to the nearest "quado" and dropped him and the tire off there. On our way home as we came into all the traffic and the POLICEMEN!! yes, there was another incident, but we were watched over once again and as they learned what we had been doing...."bringing water to Mpasa" they let us pass!! Our missionary badges really are a protection!

Here we are at another Water/Well Project in another community called Mpasa. These people came from everywhere with their "bidones" or "jerry cans" so they can take some fresh water to their homes! This was a fun celebration. The children liked to look at us and so of course I try to talk to them. They are a little frightened at first, but really want to talk, so I began to teach them "high fives", and "Oh, Yeah" and "Good Job" with a thumbs up gesture. They repeated me and laughed and laughed. I laughed and laughed and they laughed and laughed. I didn't want to leave they were all so cute. I pray the gospel can be spread to this community soon. They are very far out and until there are facilities and strength there, they can not send missionaries there.

My friends!
Doesn't this smiling lady bring joy to your heart? Her baby was darling.

This little girl brought her own bucket to the celebration.

One thing we need to teach them is to sanitize these bidones. We need to bring a bunch of bleach to rinse them out before they fill them up. They have been hauling water from very dirty places. (Line upon line, precept upon precept.)

Everybody carries water!
Happy Elder "Cowboy" Hatch. (Yes, he has lost 18 lbs.)

Beautiful scenery on our way to Mpasa.

Passing a home with a row of corn in front.

Another home on our way to Mpasa. Life can be simple and still be wonderful!


Trevor said...

These pictures make us happy:) how can they not?

AnnDeO said...

Merry Christmas. Love to see the adventure.

Kyle said...

I wish I was there!!!! I love seeing the joy that shines out of the people's eyes that have so little.