Tuesday, February 8, 2011


First you need a hoop, a net and a ball.....and some boys, but first you have to fix the hoop, net, and get some bball from awesome people that donated them, like the Bench family! Thanks
Elder Hatch at work trying to get the hoop up...drilling with a cheap drill through metal.....not successful, so he moved the hoop a little lower, that's okay, no one will ever know.
Elder Hatch is funny. Would you call that a 3 pointer?
This shot is out of order...the picture...not Elder Hatch
Sister Hatch is trying to get in on the blog! She is acting like she is working hard. Look at that pencil in her ear.
Here come the Boys!
Drills by Elder Hatch.....Have you ever been drilled by Elder Hatch???....he's tough
They all listen intently....cuz they respect Elder Hatch. You know he is the retired coach of the "Killer Grapes"
Now, everyone listen...even though you don't understand English...this is how it is done.
It's all about the wrist
Nice form
Look out NBA
Oh, the life in the Congo is GREAT!
(I really do have to brag because Elder Hatch has two boys, 8 and 13 that follow him around with their eyes wide open...they really think he is a professional coach. They listen intently and do just what he says. They run to our truck when we arrive and help us carry things to the court and they stay and help us put everything away. They are keepers, we just love them. Elder Hatch talks about them all the time...I know he has a special place for these two boys in his heart.)


AnnDeO said...

I wanna be coached by Ben. Very sweet.

Henke Family said...

AWESOME! That looks like so much fun!

Matthew Hatch said...

That is so sweet it brings tears to my eyes. I bet that B-ball is the highlight of their week. And you never know, BYU has Charles Abouo from the ivory coast on their team. Thanks for all you do to make people happy.

AnnDeO said...

Charles graduated from Logan High! He is the same age as Chase. His "cousins" Gabby and Fabrice are from the Congo, they are incredible soccer players those two. I taught Gabby's little sis at Bridgerland. We took Oscar to the bball game last week and he brought along a friend from Kenya about to graduate as a civil engineer so there are African connections everywhere. Dixie, you probably remember them all from Chase's graduation.

Anonymous said...

Must be a Hatch thing, Like Ben, Raul has little softball girls that thinks he KNOWS EVERYTHING....I think its cuz there such good horse traders they can sell anything to anyone.....lol

Megan Hatch said...

Way to go Coach Elder Hatch! i can't imagine how much they appreciate you.

Kyle said...

I want to be there, in the Congo, serving God's children with you awesome Missionaries!!!!!

Trevor said...

Way to go coach, Im sure these boys could smash the killer grapes. Keep it up and let us know how we can help.

Daryl Olsen said...

Ben, thanks for being their coach. You're coaching them in many ways not just bball. You look good and so does my daughter, Dixie.