Monday, February 14, 2011

Kasa Vubu Young Women

Here are some pictures of the Young Women I work with here in the Kasa Vubu Ward. They are so beautiful when they smile. It takes a lot of convincing them to smile when you pull out a camera. They like to give the "look" instead of a smile.
Aren't they all so beautiful.
Antoinette just got baptized 2 weeks ago
Sarah only speaks Lingala
Sister Bufonga and the other Sister I am so sorry, I just met her and didn't remember her name.
I love my calling here. The Young Women's Program is inspired and I love being a part of it. I'm still learning I hope to catch up with the YW someday.
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Sherilyn said...

These YW are truly beautiful! I was just recently released from the YW organization in my ward and have spent much of my adult life in YW callings. I can testify that YW does so much to mold the young women of this world. So glad to see it at work in the the DRC. I hope I can meet some of these ladies when I get to there!

Henke Family said...

yes, those YW are beautiful! Which one is Antoinette?

AnnDeO said...

so cute

dixie said...

Antoinette is the one sitting between the girl in the brown shirt and the girl in the yellow shirt. She has a white/pink shirt on with a lime green headband thing. She has been faithful before baptism and now after...we don't understand each other because of language barriers, but we know we both love each is a warm feeling I know we both experience.

Anonymous said...

We are worried about you guys down there! Keep us posted as often as possible. Our thoughts, prayers, and sincere love are with you at this challenging time and we know that everything will be ok. We plan to hold a fast this weekend for you and for all the sweet people in the Congo-- may the Lord bless you and watch over you always. I know He does. Love, Aubrey