Monday, March 21, 2011

Apartment Check

Sister Headlee and I were able to go on apartment checks. We went to the Ngaliema Sister's Apartment. The sisters greeted us at the door with open arms. After the hugs the white glove test began.
It was spotless.
They are all very good cleaners. Spit spot. Mary Poppins would be happy!
It is amazing how clean they are in an environment that is filled with dirt roads which turn into muddy roads when it rains and then don't forget the trash problem since there are no dumps here, so trash is everywhere.

Each apartment has a filtered water system.
Here is their kitchen. Sister Kabedi is showing you their pots and pans and cups and utensils all stacked and in order.
This is Sister Katukumbani she is pretending for us. Isn't she cute.
Clean bedrooms
Reading, and studying.
They passed the inspection!! So we must hug and take pictures!!
More hugs and more pictures!
This was a great day in the mission field. Our missionaries are doing their duties both out in the field and in their homes. They are solid members of the church helping themselves and helping others to Come Unto Christ.


Henke Family said...

Wow! Spic and span! Your hair looks so cute mom!

Trevor said...

I sounds like you have some really good missionaries. We love to see pictures. Love you mom!