Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Hatch 3/28/58

It's Elder Hatch's Birthday today!
"What a great day to be alive",
"Make it a Great Day",
"If today were the last day of your life how would you spend it?" are some of his famous quotes! He also has a laugh that causes everyone to join in. He's a fun guy! He likes to talk about his kids, he daydreams about his kids, and they make him pretty darn happy.
Some of the things Elder Hatch likes is.... his lawn mowers even the ones he doesn't own yet, but will someday. He likes to ride his bikes, the one that goes in the hills, the one that rides the road and the tandem that rides the Mamma.
He loves to run, hike, read and play with his grandchildren.
He is the one to take the road less traveled just to see where it takes you.
He always opens the door for me and carries any of the bags I have.
He helps to make the bed every morning. He even does it by himself...a lot!
He makes great...I mean great popcorn!
He's not afraid to wash the dishes, actually he does a better job than me. He thorough, and orderly
He doesn't really like the computer, except he always somehow knows the scores of the college BBall, all the current events, and his children's blogs! And what's new with the Tarantaise Cattle Association. (We have no TV or newspaper)
I don't think there are too many more people out there that is as optomistic as Elder Hatch. He makes everything great. I owe a lot to this wonderful man, as he has taught me patience, endurance, and how to keep a smile on your face while enduring patiently.
He is always, I mean always striving to improve himself. He really does what it takes to refine himself. That is self-mastery, I admire this in him.
Elder Hatch will give his all for the Kingdom of God. He knows his Savior. He honors his priesthood, and lives what he believes and knows to be true! I love him, he's my eternal husband (that's what I call him). We are in this for eternity and I am loving every minute of it!
Here he is with two awesome men..Pascal and Thierry. All 3 of them run this office very efficiently. They are humble, amazing men...Pascal & Thierry remind us of Brigham Young, and Heber C Kimball. The Church is growing here because of men like these 2.
Elder Hatch in his office working diligently!
Elder Hatch is the "Bank". The money here is funny, as you will see in the next few pics. This American $5 has a little teeny, tiny rip....they will not accept that here. It is worthless...but they will take.....THIS!!!
Yes, they will, and yes it does come with a "fragrant smell" called "YuK GrosS"
That is 500 francs...equals .50. Their largest bill is .50. They live in a .50 society! It kind of takes a long time to count when you buy $100 of food, which is really easy to fit into a very small bag.
This is worth .20.
Happy Birthday Elder Hatch....We love you! Thanks Mom and Dad Hatch for raising this fine strapping boy, leading and guiding him in the righteous path. He was born of goodly parents and I am thankful for that!!


Henke Family said...

Happy Birthday Dad! We are all thinking of you today!

Henke Family said...

Those are some crazy dollar bills!!!!

USSBeltHam said...

Happy Birthday Big Brother. I love you.
Thanks Dixie for the great blog. I love you too!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday Papa Ben!! I want and do need some of your delicious popcorn!

Kevin said...

Hey Hatchs! Happy birthday Elder Hatch! We love you and are greatful for you're example.

Much love!!!
Kevin Rothlisberger...and family.

Matthew Hatch said...

Hey dad, you are the greatest! mom, that was a beautiful piece. Dad, you're our hero.

brandonandlexee said...

He DOES sound pretty cool!! Happy Birthday uncle Ben (belated!) We pray for you each night, Jersee makes sure of it. Looks like those prayers are being heard. You guys look great!! Love ya