Friday, April 29, 2011

No Horsing Around!

Guess what we found in the Congo? Horses!!! We had a P-day and we found horses. No horsing around either. It's an old Belgium Equine Park with jumping arenas, polo arena, and pony arenas. The place is run down, but you can see once upon a time that it was very nice. It seems as though the families of the Embassy's and UN peoples are enjoying it now.
Elder Hatch and I are standing in a "kids paradise of a tree" You could pretend and live in your own world and climb all day every day with this tree in your yard.
Here is our "English Class" coming to learn!! We love them so much. They wait at the gate for us to come. It is a wonderful feeling as each of them smile with delight ready to learn conversational English. I have to remind them of that, they think Elder Hatch and I are real English Teachers ha, ha! Anyway, they are all our brothers and sisters on this Continent. I am so glad I've had the opportunity to be in their presence. Elder Hatch and I are blessed!


Henke Family said...

That is one awesome tree!
my kids would be in heaven playing on that!

Matthew Hatch said...

I like the pavers in the church parking lot. Do they have a GWR that takes care of weeds? cuz i see not even one in that lot.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a pretty horse too! Can't see too much of it, but it's lovely. :) How fun. We need to talk to you guys soon, too! Matt and I both got new CALLINGS this Sunday! Pretty exciting. Life's great here, and we're glad you're safe and happy there too. Love you.

Kevin said...

I loved my english classes in the mission as well!! It looks like you're class is much more popular though!! Great work!! i love you Elder and Sister Hatch!