Monday, May 16, 2011


This is a letter we just received today from our special Elder Bogui. We wanted to share it with all who read our blog. We know you are praying for him and thank you for remembering him. As you can read, he is a special young man and he thanks you for your prayers.
Here is his letter to Elder Hatch:

Subject: MERCI

Stephane a envoyé un message sur

it is a joy in my heart that I come to you my message this morning ...
vouys I'm really very grateful for all the good you bring my
missionary life. I would express how you but GOD is truly at the root
of all blessings. it is about more than one myself that I'm Gabon but
I also feel the love of God for me when I was a mission, because
throughout the war that took place in Ivory Coast all my knowledge is
found unharmed. c is true that today I no longer live the same life as
a abodjan with daily problems but it gives me my bread every day ..
all these things happen thanks to the prayers that you (do) for me and
for this hunt I love you with all my heart ... Please continue to pray
for me always. I still remember the wonderful gesture you did not have
my sending all your friends, and temples member you know to pray for
me: I will be brief in saying thank you or Matondo mingui (in
Lingala). I assure you'll be blessed ... you and your so nice woman
who always smile and I love her too. PLEASE pasqsez my warmest
greetings to all the staff of the office ... Stephen Bogui


Henke Family said...

He is amazing! Such faith and strength and courage!
We are going to the temple this weekend I will think of him and pray for him specifically.

AnnDeO said...

I agree, sister Hatch is a "so nice woman"