Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's going on?

On Saturday's Elder Hatch plays Basketball/Soccer/or Volleyball with the youth. He has his regulars which are Michee, Henock, Stephen, Dil, Maurice, Gelda, they also bring their little brothers. They also come and play. I watch and sometimes the YW come, but not very often, so I hang with the younger children there. I decided to bring some books with me. The children loved them. They sat there looking at all the pictures and repeating everything I said in English. I don't think any of these children go to school. I took a few "Children's Friends" magazines and gave them each one with their names on it. You would think I gave them a million dollars. They loved them! They were even in English (These guys mostly speak Lingala), but they loved the pictures. Especially when one boy found a picture of Thomas S. Monson, he said, "Thomas S. Monson" and smiled a great big grin. We communicated with our smiles. Yes, he is a Prophet of God.
Last week we went to an Orphanage here in Kinshasa. The Bingham's, The Stagg's and Us decided to fix a few things at this particular Orphanage. They really needed a fence to help protect and keep balls from rolling down the hill to the road nearby. We had fun putting it up.
This is Sister B holding the youngest little orphan. He is a cutie.
This is Elder B working hard. He and Elder Hatch taught some of the children how to put up a fence.

The Fence, The Laundry, and the Children!!
They have the tools to be fence builders.
Everyone is happy today.
Elder Hatch had to stop and play with the children.

This is a little guy that broke his femur....yikes. He is in a cast up to his tummy. We got a few smiles out of him. He broke it a few days before we got there. This is our son, Elder Hatch (on the right). He is serving in the Santa Rosa California Mission
(Spanish Speaking). It's his birthday in a few days. Happy Birthday dear Elder Hatch!!!
xo xo from the mamma and the papa


Sherilyn said...

THANK YOU! MERCI! I can't say it enough and in enough languages. This fence was so needed and your continued visits, attention, and prayers even more needed. What a blessing you both are to AFDECO.

echo said...

you are having such amazing experiences over there. it fills my heart with gladness and my eyes with tears to look at these photos. thank you for being my parents and for being who you are. love you

ps. i love the new header photo.

Anonymous said...

The most adorable pictures you have ever posted. I want to cry for these beautiful children. I am so glad you're there for them! They need your love. They can definitely feel it. Send them ours as well.

~Alicia said...

I have heard so much about the work you are doing over in Congo! I LOVE your header image! We are adopting the "youngest little orphan" above! You and your team of missionaries has been a HUGE blessing to AFDECO and the children there. I hope I am blessed enough to meet with you when we travel in October! God Bless you!

Tessy said...

Thank you so much for the pictures. I am also adopting from AFDECO and Sherilyn was one of the first moms I connected with when we started our journey. I only have a few pictures of Moise- and so I am still a little unsure when I try to pick him out in pictures. If he is the one I think he is in the group picture he looks much older then 3.5 The fence looks great and I am thankful for the love you have shown and the blessings you have been to this orphanage.

Megan Hatch said...

We love the pictures! And the children in them! :)

Anonymous said...

We love your main page picture... all those wonderful dark congo people and there in the middle, two lil white people that we love so love love it...