Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Youth Conference Take 2

Three young men ready to learn. One old man posing.
Lining up for lunch. Girls went first...a new concept here. The girls went through so fast I missed them.
Singing, singing, all the day.
Courtyard class room! Missionary prep class.
Closing exercises. Over 600 youth. Elder Kola Area Seventy speaking to them about being pioneers in the Congo.
Smiles, and joy of living.
Personal Progress in the shape of an airplane. Get on board!
Snack anyone? A really nice Muslim Store Manager donated cookies "to the youth at the Church".
Snacks give you energy for your next class!
Pascal teaching punctuality and dependability.
Some of our awesome guides for the day.

De De , (you say it Day Day) and Elder Hatch greet the wonderful youth as they enter.
What a great experience these two youth conferences have been. Hooray for the Congo.


Aubrey Hatch said...

Yes. Hooray for the Congo. We love the Congo! So glad you two are there. What an awesome experience! I laughed really hard at your first picture's caption. :) Dixie's got a funny bone!

Natalie. said...

Dixie! This is AWESOME!

And you know what else is awesome?! You won the giveaway on my blog!!! Email me @ natalienorton@gmail.com! xo!

Shelly said...

Dixie! Congratulations! You can contact me at www.umbalumbashelly@gmail.com and we can talk about your Umba Lumba that you won!

Shelly, from Umba Lumba!

Daryl Olsen said...

Congrats to you and Ben and all those who put these wonderful conferences together for the youth. They're all dressed so nicely. You say, 600 for the second one? WOW!! I want to hear more about this one toooo!
Love you