Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who says the Congo doesn't have it all

 USED CAR: Good ventilation, and great gas mileage.
 GRAVEL MANUFACTURING AND SALES: Name your size and they will pound it for you.
 REAL ESTATE: With a view.
 SCHOOLING: Humanitarian Aid teaching Health and Hygiene
 LATRINE CONSTRUCTION: For schoolhouse-Humanitarian Aid
 LUNCH TIME: Peanuts and a bun.
MASS TRANSIT: Jump in, pay later.


dixie said...

laura says-you have it all.

Anonymous said...

For some reason one of the happiest things about this post to me is the teaching hygiene. Honestly, from what we have heard from you guys, that is what they need so so so desperately-- learning. One piece at a time, and then they can teach others, and maybe someday the chain of craziness can be broken down there. Education (especially teaching the Gospel) is the key to all that life can hold for them! It is the only way.