Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hello Down There

Hello down there.....yes there is a man down there digging the dirt out. He has dug all the dirt out and will continue to dig until he gets to 3 yards of standing water. This is a hand dug well. He shovels dirt into a bucket, it gets pullied up and back down goes the empty bucket to be filled up again. When he gets hot/tired and ready for relief, then another man goes down in and starts digging with a shovel putting the dirt/sand in the bucket.  Are you wondering how they get there? They shimmy down and chimney's back up...barefooted of course.
 They are cementing each 1 meter in length tube, it's about 3 foot round. As they dig, the gravity and weight of the tubes drops down 10-12 inches while the man is down in there and they add another one on top. It's amazing.

Here are some gardens below this village. It was beautiful. Some of the ladies washing their clothes in the stream looked at us and said, "we want electricity". I was just thinking to myself as she said that, "what a wonderful life it would be if we simplified our lives and washed our clothes in a stream of water. Electricity complicates life". I am just kidding, but I have enjoyed living a more simple life here. The whole community washes their clothes together, digs wells together. Looking from the outside in, I have learned a lot from the Congo.
 This boy is helping the girl place the water bidone on her head. They hardly spill any as they carry this back, about 1 mile.

They made their own flute out of pvc pipe. They played us a song and we danced and laughed.
For a fee you can play foosbal, no one was playing.Elder Hatch is trying to teach this young man what his t-shirt says, "YANKEES"

Another fun day in the DRCongo.


Megan Hatch said...

Fun fun! I get nervous for the man in the hole when I look at those pictures. Good thing they are much braver than me!

Henke Family said...

ya, I'm with Megan, I get nervous about the man in the hole too.
Their gardens are BEAUTIFUL!
very green.

echo said...

i wouldn't be able to breathe in that teeny of a space. i don't know how they do it?!!?

amyh said...

Hi! I just found your blog and am loving it. I lived in the Congo from 1986 to 1991, and I'm in awe of how much the church has grown there! When I first moved there we had church meetings under a carport. I'm in South India now and would love to see the same kind of growth here. I have faith it will happen!

Sherilyn said...

Love you guys--keep the pictures and posts coming! Our family (especially Elie and I) LOVE to follow you.