Saturday, October 29, 2011

Alma 17:2-3

Our dear friend from Snow College days who we have not seen in 25 years, and of all places we run into him in the Congo! Kelly Haws is the Seminary and Institute Director over Africa and he happened to be here in Kinshasa and Elder Hatch happened to be with his boys playing B-ball at the Church. As Elder Hatch began to drive out of the Church parking lot, he noticed a white guy with red hair and put the car in park and asked one of the young single adults if that was Friar Haws....he said, "yes, Friar Kelly Haws" He couldn't believe it, they both couldn't believe it! What a wonderful evening we spent with Kelly Haws. We only wished his wife, Connie could have been here too! Truly an evening filled with tender mercies.


Daryl Olsen said...

You never know who will find in the jungle. Good old Kelly Haws. I think of him and Connie from time to time. They were good college friends and Connie was a good school mate at Jordan High. I bet Ben couldn't believe his eyes. You're looking good.

echo said...

WOW!!!!! that is crazy! and awesome!

echo said...

ps. i really like your skirt. i want one.