Saturday, October 29, 2011

Special Twins + More

This is Mardi, she is my special friend. I am looking at the food stored on the shelves. John and Julia are my good friends. Julia has found a beautiful family for Mardi
Some of the children are happy to see us, some are skeptical.
Smiling at the camera
Shhhhh.....almost asleep....
This is Merveille he is my other special friend. He is Mardi's brother. This little girl was taking good care of him.
Sound Asleep zzzzzz
Lunch time!
Sites of Kinshasa
This is Nathan...soon to be Coen. We've known him since he was quite small. He has a darling personality.
His new family. We love making new friends.


Aubrey Hatch said...
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Aubrey Hatch said...

So precious! We'll have to hear the whole story on all of these. Are these the twins whose mommy died? And the last baby, is he the one that you have pictures with in the orphanage a while ago? What sweet little lives and it's so awesome to see them join new families. Absolutely tender.

USSBeltHam said...

Dixie, you remind me of Sister Hinckley. Her daughters said, "She has a heart without walls." You amaze me, I love you.

Trevor said...

Wow Mom and Dad! I love to see things are going so well. We love you.

Sherilyn said...

Well, I sure know a lot of folks in these set of pics. My heart is singing! Thank you, thank you for all you have done for our little adoption community there in Kinshasa. We all love you!