Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last Transfer for US

This is a retro/old picture from South Africa. I just found it and thought I would post it. It was Christmas Day in South Africa while we were refugees. We were really missing our Congo home.
The Congo Gang...back row, l-r, Elder and Sister Stagg/PEF, President and Sister Jameson
front row, Elder and Sister Bingham Humanitarian Aid, Elder and Sister Hatch.  
Our time here serving has been enriched by our good friends we shall never forget!
 We had 17 new missionaries come on Friday from the Ghana MTC. They are ready to serve as soon as they find which luggage is theirs??
 Here they are!
 They are loading up and heading to their new apartments and areas they will be serving.
 This really is organized chaos. We only had a pairs of shoes, a water bottle and a Preach My Gospel without a name in it that needed to find a home.
 This is Pascal with his load. Pascal always has a smile. He's the man!
"Training the new". These sisters are new the new sisters. ha ha do you get that??
 Thierry is asking, "Who's bag is this?" The mission supplies a pillow, blanket, sheets, and mosquito nets.
 It's take off time! (Ben really wants one of these Land Cruisers when he gets home.)
The A.P's bidding us Adieu. Elder Bukasa and Elder Twikala. Everybody is gone and now they have to find their own transport home.
Transfer/New Missionaries/Released missionaries all went smoothly!
Job well done. Job done right!


Aubrey Hatch said...

Pretty neat to see the work moving forward. Just realized that you two are coming home NEXT WEEK!!! Ahhh! I don't know why it just hit me that it's so close. We're so excited!

LBJ said...

I love this post. Real life at transfer time. Seventeen is called going out with a bang! We know there are those rejoicing on the other side of the world, but we don't know what we'll do without you. Thank you!!!