Sunday, February 5, 2012

Strong and Powerful turns 34

                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIERRY MUTOMBO! 
Every day Thierry comes into the office with a huge smile greeting each of us and shakes everyones hands and we ask him how he is doing and he always says, "Strong and Powerful" with an assuring grin, he knows it, and we believe it! He is an absolute blessing for this mission. We all love him!
The reason he is surrounded by the Sister's in this photo is we are about to go shopping in Kinshasa and we needed some of his "birthday strong and powerfulnesses" It takes great skill to go shopping in Kinshasa.
(Sister Martineau, Sister Jameson, Sister Bingham, Thierry, Me, Sister Stagg)
 Taking a strolling Sunday walk at the River with some new found friends. John (alias James Brown), Tessy, Craig with Moise and Elder Hatch
Here is Elder Hatch in one of his famous poses-Moise on his back. Moise is another of our little friends we made at the orphanage....who now has a new wonderful family.


Stephanie said...

What amazing stories and a great example to all! I love hearing about the Congo!

Tessy said...

Thanks for the great pictures and for meeting up with us in the Congo. It was such a pleasure to meet you both. Zalen Moise is adjusting really well here. We don't have any pictures from our walk as they are still on the internal memory on John's camera.