Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend Ben and I had the wonderful opportunity to re-unite with some of our Congo Friends. Yes, this was so exciting and my heart was so full.  I could NOT keep back the tears. The Lord blesses his children. I know it. He loves us all. I am so thankful we are never alone. He is always listening and holding out his extended arms to each of us.

All children love to push buttons!

 This is my niece. She made blankets for her YW New Beginnings Project. She is giving them to our sweet friend "J" who will be going to the Congo in 3 weeks and will be giving them to a special orphanage that we love. My niece was adopted 13 1/2 years ago from the Martial Islands. Ever since we served in the Congo, she has wanted to donate something really bad and she finally had the chance.
 This is another Congo Reunion--special friends of ours we met--only because of the Congo were we able to connect. We will never forget each other. Everyone here were "Angels" at one point or another for each other! We each had prayers and they were answered!! through each other.
 Do we look happy!! Yes, we are. We are with family. These are our two youngest grand daughters born while we were serving our mission. Ben has Miss Elsie Pearl and I have Miss Annabelle.

Our "OO" Family Reunion 2012. The Hatch's are all together here. We are missing quite a few. We are getting ready to hike the Wind Caves in Logan, UT. Families can be together forever and we are so thankful. I am thankful we were able to all meet up in Logan. There were about 50 of us together hiking, swimming and eating!! 
Thank you Darren and DeAnn for hosting this years reunion!
SUPER Gma and Gpa-- My parents--They are wonderful! There has not been one event that they have missed in any of our lives. They support and love each and every one of us. They are 75 years young!! They served a mission in the Venezuala Caracas Mission. They have blessed each of our lives with their righteous choices. Thanks Mom and Dad!!
The Super G's

The Grand's

The Children-oldest to youngest of course
Mom and Dad with their children--my Mom is very happy isn't she!
We try really hard to be takes great effort.

The Children with Spouses

                                  WE ARE A HAPPY FAMILY!


echo said...

yay!!! looks like a happy time

dixie said...

I didn't know about Delanee's Y.W.'s project. What a nice thing she did.
I love my family!!! We had a wonderful family gathering at Darren and DeAnn's last weekend.

AnnDeO said...

beautiful photos of beautiful families... of course I think I look a little ridiculous in Land's glasses and a swimsuit. I'll blame it on pure exhaustion from fun. Glad you got to make so many Congo connections.