Wednesday, July 18, 2012


My brother, David, our son Matthew and Ben and I went biking up Black Smith Fork Canyon in Cache Valley Utah. It was a glorious ride. Thanks Heavenly Father for the beauty all around me, especially the company. I am thankful for my health that allows me to get out and breathe fresh air.

Getting to the top was easy with a tailwind pushing us up, then we had a big time headwind on our way down pushing us back uphill. So, I went uphill both ways??!! Great ride. Great memories.

Next adventure Ben and I decided to go on was up La Plata Canyon. This is a beautiful canyon filled with many, many ice cold waterfalls.

Ben is posing by a little waterfall.

We decided to hike around a bit

We found some awesome rocks I wanted to bring home, so I tried to carry them like the Congolese. I pretty much failed. I mean I did fail in the carry the rock on your head exercise.

Ben did it "Ben's way"

Welcome to my home.

Eat, Jeep, and be Happy was Ben's motto for the day.

I wonder if Ben will still love me if my face gets stuck in this position?

Nope, he says he still loves me, but please "stop making faces dixie"

Good bye La Plata Canyon--Thank you for a wonderful day.


Matthew Hatch said...

So fun. Thanks for the blog, and for going on the bike ride with us. La Plata looks beautiful.

Henke Family said...

great faces mom!
You guys are the best!

LBJ said...

I love so much seeing you in your "REAL LIFE." We miss you in the Congo world, but are happy to see that things are so wonderful for you. Nobody deserves a life more than you two. Love you.