Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jocie & Ngandu

Meet Ngandu and Jocie! They are one of the first members here to follow the counsel of the General Authorities. In the Congo, traditions are that before you can get married you must pay money and accumulate many things for the Bride's family. Money and things are very difficult to come by here, marriage is then delayed until you can accummulate means for the "dowrey" and so is Temple Marriage because the closest temple is in Johanesburgh South Africa, which is also expensive to get to. Well, when you are obedient the way is made with effort and desire and they met their goal. To the Temple they went!! In the Congo, you must be married civily first, so here are pictures of Ngandu and Jocie's civil marriage. They left the following week and were sealed for all time and eternity in the Johanesburg Temple. We were honored to be invited to this special event! "Here Comes the Bride"....top right picture with a friend escorting her in!
I thank God for such faith in so many people here who have truly strengthened my faith in following the counsels of our leaders. This couple is an inspiration to me. I asked them if they had a place to live, Ngandu said, "yes". I said, "do you need anything?" he said, "we have a bed and a table, he, he, he, we are just starting out, he he" I just smiled at him as he looked at me and then he looked at his eternal companion and they both smiled at each other. My heart cried, thinking of the little that they had, but then a calming thought came over me and it said, they have all they need. Their lives are in order. Their priorities are centered on Christ. They have it ALL!!


echo said...

that brought tears to my eyes. what sweet people. they will be blessed for their faithfulness.

President and Sister Livingstone said...

I remember the first time I met Athenaise (sp?) Don was doing the interviews for prospective missionaries and he had forgotten one of his documents, and RAN home (in the wonderful Congolese heat) to get the document so that he would have everything in order. I was so impressed and had the distinct feeling that this young man would be a leader in the mission and in his community/country some day! ! Has he told you the story of his father's accident and their introduction to the gospel?? If you see him, tell him President and Sister Livingstone love him and are so very PLEASED that he and his sweetheart have been sealed in the temple! ! Are they living in Kinshasa?? Thank you for your blogs and for all that you are doing there. We miss it terribly and are so grateful for those who help us remember and keep the connection! !

Anonymous said...

Wow. I have been hoping that someone would have the faith to go against tradition. What a strong and obedient couple! They will truly be blessed, and hopefully others will follow their great example.
What a beautiful bride and groom, they must be so happy.

Where were they married at? Is it in a home? Office?