Wednesday, June 8, 2011



USCITATION TRAINING Here is Neo Natalie....the water baby.
The Humanitarian Aid for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints puts on Neonatal Resuscitation Training with this awesome Dr. Ngoie, he's in the blue shirt (I think that is how his name is spelled)
We got to help out with the NRT training, actually we got to watch the Dr. do his thing. He is a magnificent doctor who truly gets excited with every training he teaches. He and his wife are not members of our Church, but they give of their time to help train all he can. Many babies born here in the Congo die because of lack of knowledge in how to resuscitate and open blocked air passages. The humanitarian services provides training, and kits to all these wonderful mid wives to help them deliver babies. Thousands of babies are saved because of these trainings. Just another wonderful thing we have been able to see and be a part of.

Elder Stagg and Sister Bingham are preparing certificates for the students. Fils is the translator for us all, thank goodness!
Sister Stagg and Elder Hatch in the kitchen getting lunch ready.
Elder Hatch is in charge of the water, he's a great waterboy!

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Aubrey Hatch said...

Awesome! That's so great to see people being taught and learning so much. :) I think that is the most needed thing in the Congo: knowledge. Knowledge of physics and sanitizing and literature and most of all the Gospel. I love to see it happen.